By: Sol Buscaglia and Eugènia Güell

A book is a door for amazing worlds and possibilities .The moment you open it, two things can happen. One; it reflects the reality you live in. Two; another world is in your hands, and all you want to do is to be in it.

Somehow, books always influence us in some way, specially when you are a teenager and your mind is so eager to discover new experiences. The society we live in is continuously changing in many aspects, and a very important and current topic from nowadays is sexism and how women are treated. Depending on the book’s genre, women character’s roles change: usually, in science fiction books, women are stronger than in romantic books, where they are seen in a more traditional way, that is, a girl who falls in love with a boy and somehow gets heartbroken. Nevertheless, a reader does not always perceive this when she or he is reading a book, but just accepts it, and don’t think about how fiction can help and inspire us to change our point of view of reality.

One thing that is happening on this century is that almost everyone reads the same book once it becomes famous, and although there are millions of options of great books, people go to the best-seller shelf and choose to buy the popular one. This could be seen as a bad thing, as many authors are not recognized, but at the same time, if the message is a good one, this popular book can inspire readers to follow that behaviour.  For instance, a good example for this could be The Hunger Games trilogy, where the main character is a female and powerful young girl who “saves the world”. Or the attitude Hazel Grace, from The Fault in Our stars, has towards her health situation, and how she chooses to life her life.

This way, once you finish reading a book, you’ve got two possibilities. One; go to the next book, just as if you are clicking a “NEXT” button. Two; think through things the book displayed and try to change the real world in a positive way. A book doesn’t end in the last page (or it doesn’t have to!).