Narrow corridors, neon lights, rare stairways, different textures and small rooms, each one with its own exciting experience. That is what you get to see and live when you visit “La Menesunda”, an art installation by Argentinian artist Marta Minujin, which will arrive at the Museum of Modern Art, best known as MoMA, in New York.

Forbidden for people under 16, and with a warning for those who are claustrophobic or suffer from cardiac disease, Marta says about her work “La Menesunda is an adventure. Whoever decides to go in cannot get out; he or she has to take that risk. It´s impossible to go back”..

Marta is a plastic artist born in 1943 in Buenos Aires, who does painting, sculpture, happenings, art instalations and performance.
With her avant-garde work, she went always a step forward, by breaking the walls of what’s to be expected.
Trained not only in Buenos Aires but also in Paris and New York, she had the opportunity to show her work around the world and to work with other excellent artists.

“La Menesunda” is just one of her many recognised works. It’s in fact a true reconstruction of the emblematic installation Minujin made back in 1965 at the Visual Arts Institute Torcuato Di Tella, in Argentina.

What does “Menesunda” means”? This word has its origins in the Lunfardo dialect of Rio de la Plata, and can mean either drug, narcotic, or tangle.
And the name suits the installation. In this walk, which you do alone -and feel a little frightened at first by the uncertainty of what´s ahead of you- visitors do not only get to walk through each corridor, enter the spaces and feel the scents and textures. The journey also allows you to have fully interact with what´s surrounding you, whether these are things or people.
Confetti, fans, mirrors, numbers, doors, massages, and even a couple in bed are some of the things one can experience when visiting the installation.A totally immersive experience, this great artist does not stop surprising us, and let’s hope others follow her steps!