If you ever search Noami Harris on Google, the first seven results will probably be about Noamie Harris, an English actress. But it’s the eighth result the one that we are going to talk about. Not Noamie, but Noami. Not an actress, but a photographer. Actually, this is what is written in her website in huge capital letters: “NOAMI HARRIS IS A PHOTOGRAPHER” But she’s not only a professional photographer, but also, as she says in her Instagram account, she’s currently a “semi-professional hobo.”

She’s from Canada, but she’s nowadays traveling America with a “rescue dog co-pilot”. It’s called Maggie and was rescued off of an Indian Reservation in 2011. On National Dog Day Noami uploaded a photo of it on Instagram and wrote in the caption that it was her “partner in crime”. In fact, Maggie is probably one of the luckiest dogs in the world: a professional photographer is taking photos of it all day and even has created an instagram account for it.


Naomi Harris and Maggie

But Noami is known much better for her book “America Swings”, published by TASCHEN. She attended 38 swingers’ parties, and took photos of common people, but with a non-common sexual life. They were elder bisexual people, African men who prostitute themselves to white women, etc. All in all, it was a depict of the erotic contemporary life. “All of them are definitely having better sex than the rest of us” she concluded.

Even more, she’s known for her project “Oh Canada”. Her goal: “Canada is often misunderstood and misrepresented. So, I wanted to produce a long-term project that is both beautiful and enlightening as to what makes Canada a great nation”, she wrote in an article. This is why she photographed, for instance, the oldest citizen in Canada, the world’s largest coffee pot and albino twins. Her photos are different, surprising and they make you see human people in a different way. As soon as you see one of her photos, you can perceive she has a particular esthetical view, and this is what make them interesting. Besides, of course, the subjects and objects she photographs. Not surprising, after knowing a bit about her, that she has also taken a photo of the world’s largest pierogi.

article-0-1b637047000005dc-432_964x720World’s Largest Coffee Pot and Mug in Davidson, Saskatchewan

article-0-1b636ca4000005dc-841_964x1207Johnnie Doonanco, the man behind the World’s Largest Pierogi and former mayor Glendon, Alberta