portada_gala_dalic694846bdc2509fc00ad0e4ba8cdb677Gala Éluard Dalí left her poet husband for Salvador Dali (she was 11 years older than him). She became his bigger source of inspiration. Salvador said that she was the person who had saved him from madness and premature death. In fact, under the artistic genie was an insecure and disorganized man. Gala was his manager, the bridge from Dali to the real world.

“I love gala more than my mother, my father, more than Picasso and even more than money”


Dora Maar was a photograimages-1pher, poet, and painter.  When she was 28, she met Pablo Picasso (he was 54) and became his lover.  When he started painting Guernica, he used the face of Dora to portray the figure holding the lamp in the middle of the painting. Dora photographed Pablo during the phases of the making of the painting. Their relationship lasted almost 9 years, after then Picasso left her for another lover. After that she got depressed. Her owner, like she calls Picasso, took to the suicide some of his lovers, but not Dora.

“Everyone thought that I would have committed suicide after Picasso had left me. But I did not give him that satisfaction.”

picassoDora is the muse who becomes aware of her cancellation, she understood how to be an instrument in the hands of artists, just a figure printed on canvas. Her words are in off to understand the drama of the woman artist who is “downgraded” to muse.

“I have thousands of his portraits, he does thousands. But not even any is Dora maar, they are all Picasso.”

After some bad years, she started to live again, she travels to Barcelona and all the Costa Brava and start again to be a photographer.


Lisa Gherardini, also known as Mona Lisa (in the old dialect of Florence, Mona means woman).

Lisa came from an aristocratic family, but with less money. When their house needed a renovation they mona_lisa_by_leonardo_da_vinci_from_c2rmf_retouchedcouldn’t afford they moved to a house for rent, becoming the neighbor of Piero da Vinci, the father of Leonardo.

After the death of her father Lisa moved to her grandfather’s house. The man was close to the Medici family, so Lisa met Giuliano (the son of Lorenzo the Magnificent and the brother of Pope Leo X) and became his lover.

In 1494 the Medici family was exiled from Florence, but Lisa was pregnant. In 1495 she had married Francesco del Giocondo so becoming Lisa del Giocondo (the Gioconde).

Beyond the portrait there are lots of legends, my favorite is:

Leonardo was close to the Medici family and knew Lisa from a long time. When the two lovers had to be separated, Leonardo made the Giaconda to Giuliano. At first, Giuliano was able to came back to Florence before Leonardo finished the painting, but some years after he got married and became a duke in France. And isn’t it strange that the Giaconda was found exactly in France?