Sex and half-naked women sell. Music industry is one of the business where women are most objectified and sexualized; from sexy dressing and dancing to submissive attitudes. And it is not just a problem of reggaeton music, the problem is extended to all the music genres. Examples talk for themselves. Different genres of music but they all have one thing in common: sexism.



Hip Hop


Why women  have to use their bodies as a way to gain attention? Women’s rights have overcome huge obstacles to get where they are today. But girls who are exposed to sexualised content are more likely to endorse gender stereotypes and place attractiveness as central to a woman’s value. Boys who are exposed to this content are more likely to sexually harass females, and have inappropriate expectations of them. So these videos keep perpetuating gender roles and stereotypes, and even sexual objectification is commonplace in media culture, music videos provide one of the most potent examples of it.

The first examples are songs by men, but we can see women also need to sexualize themselves to get into the music industry. Not all female artists have had to use sexual images to sell records, but for every female artist who does not there are a dozen who do. They might be empowering femininity, but what are they selling? Their music or their body? There is a fine line which divides empowering and sexism when it comes to women being naked or exalting their sensuality.

But, thanfully, there are also good examples of singers trying to revert this situation. For instance, these two singers decided to criticise the way women are portrayed in country music videos.

There is no problem in the fact, women and men should feel free to show their bodies and experience sex with normality. The main problem is in the objective of this situation and the fact that it is a need for women singers to do that. What do we look for in a singer? There is not a single problem with naked women or with consent and equal sex situations. We should not judge artists but we should become aware of what we consume and what we watch.